Defeating the Reavers of Harkenwold

The Insanity of the Dead

Dead. Undead. We're all just people.

After the brutality of the last battle, our group of adventurers seems to be breaking up. Ma’War lies dead on the ground. Beedle the Bard has died and been resurrected by some strange humming magic. And one of the Drow, the warpriest Chali, has abandoned the party completely. Vandyne, Beedle, and Genasis are left with some decisions to make. Do they continue with their quest to help the Woodsinger Elves? Do they return through the portal, risking being struck by lightning, in order to rest and recuperate? And do they mop up some of Ma’war’s dragonblood to try and sell back to the elves?

Taking the initiative, Beedle pushes open one of the sets of iron bound doors leading out of the room. He peers inside and notices a few things: a giant spider, a lone skeleton, and a Woodsinger Elf warrioress crouching in the corner. After MUCH debate, Genasis attempts to grab the elf and pull her to safety in the other room, unfortunately triggering a spiked pit trap, which they both tumble into. They’re rescued by the remaining two members of the party and slip through the teleportals to take a rest before moving onward.

After getting to know their new elven compatriot, Dara, (and in Vandyne’s case…a little too much), the group moves onward, brilliantly evading another spiked pit trap and covering it with a table. In the room, they encounter the aforementioned spider, two skeletons, and the wickedly violent undead mage, Yisarn. Yisarn appears to be conducting some sort of ritual above a set of dragon bones. The party knows that can’t be good, so they do their best to interrupt him, despite several of them finding themselves restrained in glimmerweb spider webbing. They aren’t quick enough to prevent a portal from opening and throwing a confused looking dwarf into their midst. The dwarf immediately begins to attack the skeletons, aiding the party until all four attackers have been defeated – the giant glimmerweb spider last of all – its brain being completely liquified by the image of Vandyne’s giant foot flying down to stomp on it.

While looting the room, they are surprised to find some of Beedle’s family’s heirlooms hidden on a bookshelf. They discover the Abhorsen’s Bandolier and the a longsword with his family’s crest on it. As Beedle straps on the bandolier, he realizes something is amiss. The humming that has been coming from the bells this entire time grows frantic and as he turns to his companions, he sees that a haze of necromantic magic seems to be surrounding the dwarf, and his face is going in and out of focus with another, hideous visage. As soon as the dwarf sees this, he rushes to attack the bard. Stunned, Beedle rings on of the bells – throwing back the dwarf and damaging his friend Genasis, who was standing next to him. Realizing he is possessed, the dwarf does his best to avoid hurting the members of his party, and when Beedle manages to catch up to him and ring the bell a second time, the dwarf falls dead and Ma’war rises in his place.

Returning to the Woodsinger Elves, they are glad to hear that Dara plans to join their band of adventurers. Eriyel, the Woodsinger Elder, tells them they must quickly return to Albridge, where she hears the rebel forces are gathering to fend off an attack by the Iron Circle. She pledges 50 Elven archers for the upcoming battle and promises to meet them in the following days. She also supplies Beedle with some much appreciated information concerning his new find.



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