Abhorsen Bandolier

Strap for seven bells which can be worn across the chest

musical instrument

Containing seven powerful bells, this implement can only be used by a bard; preferably with blood from the Abhorsen bloodline.

Any attack using this implement gains +1 to attack rolls and 1d4 damage against undead enemies.


The seven bells are named after seven spirits who bound themselves to give the bells their power. They are, in order from smallest to largest:

Ranna (the sleeper)
Mosrael (the waker)
Kibeth (the walker)
Dyrim (the speaker)
Belgaer (the thinker)
Saraneth (the binder)
Astarael (the weeper) also known as: Astarael the Sorrowful

Each bell grants the user a unique power. However, the bells contain remnants of the spirits within and using the power of the bell can have unintended effects which can harm the ringer.

Rumor has it there is an eighth bell somewhere out there in the world. Its power is unknown.

Abhorsen Bandolier

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