Defeating the Reavers of Harkenwold

For those who came in late

A random group of adventurers has been hired by the Baron of Fallcerst to aid Harkenwold Valley in their fight against the Iron Circle. They’ve been accepted into the “rebel alliance” by Dar Gremath, a stable owner in Albridge and leader of the valley’s rebellion. Their first task is to harass the Iron Circle enough so that Nazin Redthorn will leave his well-defended keep and become vulnerable.

In order to irritate Redthorn, the adventurers have so far defeated a tribe of Bullywugs led by the Chieftain Gloorpk (and gained the aid of the Reedfoot Halfling Clan), taken out a supply caravan (almost including the horse), and attacked a band of soldiers garrisoned in the town of Dardun. They are now wanted by the Iron Circle and have seen many posters with their likeness offering rewards for their capture or demise. They’ve also managed to avoid capture by one of the many Iron Circle squadrons out searching for them.

While in Dardun, the band has been asked by its elder, Madera Lirr, to gain the assistance of the Woodsinger Elves – who reside in the forest in the southern part of the valley. The Woodsinger elves have agreed to help upon the extermination of a necromantic evil which has overtaken an old Eladrin holy site.

The band is now in the Wizard’s Workshop, one of their members has fallen, and another mysteriously resurrected to the sound of bells and humming.



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